Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What is White Tulips 2007?

White Tulips movement was started by 20 young Estonians with Estonian and Russian origin, who had the vision that all nationalities should live friendly within our communities. As the relocation of the II World War monument in Tallinn to its new home in the soldier’s graveyard resulted in tensions between Estonian Russians and Estonians, the White Tulips -movement started to spread their peaceful message of not hating anyone and that even the Estonians and Estonian Russians may have different pasts, they have common future.

All Estonians and Estonian Russians have been called to place white flowers (if possible white tulips) to sites and events of importance for both Russians and Estonians as a sign of respect, dignity and peace. You can read comments and see pictures of White Tulip -movement from which is constantly being added by new pictures of white flowers in important places.

The idea has received many followers in Estonia, got attention from both national and international media and could potentially become a wider European movement against hatred within our communities. White Tulips -movement is not part of any political or commercial campaign.

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